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Case Study - Resisidential trip with Yr 4 to Tattenhall, Cheshire Oct 2013

In October 2013 I accompanied a group of Year 4 children on their trip to Tattenhall Residential facilities.  I worked with the children for two days producing masks, shields, spears and tribal jewellery linking to their class theme of the rain forest.

The children can be seen working on their paper mache masks, using paper mache clay to create 3D features; drawing their designs using chalks and cutting out their shields using recycled cardboard.


Jack Hollings, one of the teachers accompanying the children commented that "the workshop went down well with both teachers and children alike, providing a variety of activities that kept all the children engaged during the entire two days.  There was a good mixture of skills required including drawing, painting, designing, modelling, threading, construction and cutting. The children got to use a range of tools and equipment and to learn new skills.  From a teaching point of view the workshop ticked many of the curriclumum boxes."

All the artwork produced was designed to be worn by the children so that they could become part of the art itself.  This meant they could get dressed up and have pictures taken in the woodland area of the school grounds - the nearest thing to a rainforest in Cheshire!

Get a feel for the type of work I am usually involved in by looking through my case studies for inspiration.

   Popular projects encompass outdoor make overs,  collaborative projects usually involving a number of schools over a few days, ECO themed days, Carers workshops and my work with disabled groups.

  I am lucky enough to be invited to work on such a wide variety of projects and I never know what I'm going to be asked to do next.  So if you can't see what you're looking for,  just get in touch.

Outdoor projects.....

outdoor photos (24)

During the summer of 2016 I worked at St Mary's RC Primary School in Runcorn to transform their outdoor space, providing a retreat space, incorporating outdoor art. We designed and decorated a shelter, made blankets and cushion covers painted a rocking chair, made tyre benches and bird boxes.  The fences and trees were decorated with wellies and painted wheel hubs.


20190705_174501 (1)

Sometimes I work with colleagues as part of a collaborative Arts led project, usually involving a number of schools and in the case study below, approx 400 children over three days!  My roll was to guide the children to produce 6 boards using bottle tops and all manner of collected junk items, encouraging them to work collectively and to experience new equipment and techniques.

20190705_174425 (1)
20190705_174415 (1)


Eco days are very popular with schools in helping to teach children about the importance of looking after our world.  My Junk Art Workshops are the ideal way to get children enthusiastically involved, using different tools and equipment, working both individually and in teams to create funky and exciting art.

sheep (2)

These quirky sheep were made using old tee shirts.  The tee shirts were cut in a special way to produce 'tarn' which was then used to make pompoms.  These were then attached to the prepared boards to create the sheep's fleece - one of my favourite outcomes!

tincan robots (9)

Turn a pile of waste cardboard into 2D textural art panels. Create crazy robots from tin cans and bits and bobs.  Use wire coat hangers, old tights pompoms and beads to create funky wall art.


Elworth Hall - Space03

A rocket representing

Man's journey into Space

Jodrell Bank recreated to represent Man's investigation and monitoring of Space

A moon buggy representing Man's exploration of Space

The three boards in situ outside Elworth Hall Primary School in Sandbach

Whole school projects on a theme

Collaborative  projects, typically held with a number of schools over 2\3 days

Elworth Hall - Space11
Elworth Hall - Space24
Elworth Hall - Space13

During November 2015 Elworth Hall Primary school orgainsed a whole school project, themed SPACE, to coincide with Tim Peake's mission on the International Space Station.  I worked with all years making three large boards for display outdoors.

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