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                                                                   As an artist, I consider myself a bit if a work

                                                    in progress! I love developing my skills,

mastering new ones, working out different ways of doing things, and

discovering new products and tools. I enjoy the feeling that there is so

much more to learn and experience, and a great part of that is learning

from others and sharing what I know.


As a life long hoarder I find it physically painful to throw stuff away, so

starting Junk Art Creations was a natural progression - not to mention a

useful way of using all the junk I habitually collect! I get great satisfaction

from turning something that would've ended up in the bin into something

that is fun, functional or fantastic!


So, if you like the sound of me and what Junk Art Creations can offer please get in touch.



Junk Art Creations 



Sue Guildford

Tel: 01270 768060

Mob: 0780 450 9172

email: spottypotty999@gmail.com

Facebook: @junkartcreations999

Based in Cheshire, England

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Workshops: any duration, usually 2-3 days or any number of half day or full day sessions, including residentials and termly projects




Community Groups


Special needs groups


Junk Art Creations